I've accepted a tenure-track position at UCSD in the Department of Cognitive Science! Beginning 2014 I'll be Assistant Professor of Computational Cognitive Science and Neuroscience.


Bradley Voytek

Bloated CV is bloated.

But the are kind of interesting.

In my research I study the role that neuronal oscillations play in human cognition, with a specific focus on neuroplasticity and network communication. I can only hope this research is some day helpful for people in need.

Here you'll find my professional CV, a list of my publications, and other professional stuff related to me being a brain guy. This CV is HUGE, by the way... definitely over-complete. But it's a good way for me to remember everything I've done.

For some of my papers I've also included a link to a short write-up about why I think the research is interesting. You don't have to read the paper, but hopefully these short pieces will give you an idea of what I'm doing and why. I've also included a direct link to the published version of the manuscript when possible.

In April 2010 I was invited to give a talk at TEDxBerkeley, which is part of TED's local conference series. The video of that talk is available on YouTube below:

Below is a video of a talk I gave at Google as part of their AtGoogleTalks tech talks series.

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